Restaurant Lubella


Führichgasse 1, 1010 Vienna

Opening hours

11:00 - 23:00

Lubella Restaurant is perfect for a business meeting, a date, a wonderful dinner with a glass of wine with friends or family. It also offers all the conditions for holding corporate events. The restaurant offers not only seasonal menu updates but also quality service in 5 different languages. The conceptual idea of ​​mixing Austrian and Italian traditions is reflected in the restaurant's menu, which is based on harmonious European gastronomy.

Restaurant Lubella

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Only fresh products and original recipes from the best chefs
Antipasti / Vorspeisen
Mozzarella e pomodoriMozzarella, tomatoes, al pesto€12,90
GrecoLeaf salads, goat cheese, peppers, olives, chili peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, onions€15,90
Insalato con Pollowith chicken strips, Grana Padano, nuts, roasted seeds, cherry tomatoes€19,90
Mixed salad  €7,90
Non alcoholic drinks
Mineralsparkling/natural 0,33 l€3,40
Mineralsparkling/natural 0,70 l€5,90
Cola0,33 l    Zero/Light€3,90
 0,5 l€5,90
Fanta0,33 l€3,90
 0,5 l€5,90
Sprite0,33 l€3,90
 0,5 l€5,90
Almdudler0,33 l€3,90
 0,5 l€5,90
Eistee0,33 l€3,90
Apple juice0,25 l€3,90
Orange juice0,25 l€3,90
Currant juice0,25 l€3,90
Schweppes Tonic0,25 l€3,90
Bitter Lemon0,25 l€3,90
Soda Lemon0,25 l€2,50
Soda Apple Juice0,50 l€4,50
Soda Raspberry0,50 l€4,50
Tap Water0,50 l€1,50

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Salty bagels
Breakfast BagelAvocado crème, omelette, salad, bacon or cheese €8,90
New York salmon BagelWith smoked salmon, cream cheese, fresh salad, red onions, capers and honey-mustard sauce€10,90
Pastrami BagelHomemade pastrami, cream cheese, pickles, salad, honey-mustard sauce, onions€10,90
Bagel with chickenCream cheese, pickles, salad, onions and honey-mustard sauce €9,90
Schnitzel Bagel (Chicken)Remouladesauce, red onions €9,90
 Remouladesauce, red onions         with fries€13,90
Bagel burger 100 % beef, red onions, bacon, cream cheese, salad, mayonaise, tomato€11,90
 100 % beef, red onions, bacon, cream cheese, salad, mayonaise, tomato       with fries€15,90

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